Incheon is a city on the outskirts of Seoul that not only is home to the international airport but also has a long history as a port city. It is in some respects very near to where I usually reside but yet is not the place where I live. During the residency in Incheon I decided to explore notions of distance and familiarity. To explore the exchangeability of skills through what I call a “City Twinning” project, I constructed an event “Lets walk and Chat” to explore these notions. The walk existed at multiple times as an off site exhibition or site specific performance and is opened to whoever wishes to participate.

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Text on Incheon walkers' stories: Pontoon Bridges, Hongyemun, MacArthur, and Ching Tao, Incheon Art Platform Open Studio catalogue, p101, Hyun Jung Download PDF Korean and Download PDF English

Six channel sound, Incheonwalkers' stories walk day 1

let's walk and chat together_walkday1 by walkerstories

Six channel Sound, Incheonwalkers' stories walk day 1_1 let's walk and chat together_walkday1_1 by walkerstories


Installation views Incheon Art Platform