Mobile Cube: Deplace Replace, Seoul City Gallery, Seoul Design Olympiad 2008

The concept for this project is to create an outsourcing company organized bottom-up: to recruit people (audience-employees) to work for us (artist-employer). The main intention behind GGOI is to generate activity, engage with people, and create encounters between people that might otherwise not occur, which highlight their individual agency. I employed unemployed local musicians temporarily-ones who don’t have a regular income, to work with GGOI. They worked collecting broken furniture, helping making furniture and creating songs for local market people since the first instance of GGOI was located in a market in Seoul.

Seoul Design Olympiad includes exhibitions, design competitions and performances, with top fashion and graphic designers participating. “Mobile Cube: Deplace Replace” is a Seoul City Gallery project curated by the renowned architect Jaejun Lee, who has invited 10 artist groups to make use of 10 containers dispersed throughout the city for their art projects.

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Grassroot Global Outsourcing Inc has been presented in the following exhibition:

Beyond Art Festival 2008, Zeroone Design Center, Seoul 2008





Make Chair Give no.2, 2008. Furniture and wood. 68 x 41x 41.4cm

Make Chair Give no.1, 2008. Furniture and wood. 82 x 48 x 49cm

Make Chair Give no.4, 2008. Furniture and wood. 43 x44 x40cm

Make Chair Give no.3, 2008. Furniture and wood. 97 x 58 x 50 cm



Ggoi: Your Improvised Cooking Installation View