In my video and installation ‘cutting’, I combined the ritual of strip tease with a destructive process. I obsessively rip and cut to do and undo what I am wearing. Destructing all the garments has itself an erotic connotation like a reversed double strip tease. There is a lot of teasing going on in my work.The end product was the actual clothes, naked clothes or unclothed clothes, kind of raw states which turned back into raw material. The idea of cutting something evokes wanting to repeat this act of acquiring something. It is deferring that creative desire never fulfilling it. It is about the process of desire. In a sense what is desired is its desiring. Therefore it generates a feeling of desire not the fulfillment that consumerism knows well. It is another kind of desire. That desire can be actual or a commodity.

10 min 45 sec, video, sound, 2000 installation view

10min 45sec, video, sound 2000